Exploring the undiscovered  country of the nearby - Robert Macfarlane


Having organised a number of festivals, holidays and retreats over the years and teaching at a number of events, I am stepping back in order to focus my energies on delivering Teacher trainings and small group 'homecomings'.

I am still committed to the idea of being in community in nature, treading as lightly on the earth as possible. I have been camping out since I was a tiny baby and still find it one of the best ways to return in the most physical way to the ‘groundofbeing’, I think we become calmer and kinder living close to the earth but have felt the need to draw things a little closer to home, to focus on smaller groups.






Here are the details of my level 2 Teacher Trainings, Collaborations and Retreats. Some still being finalised.



TTRestorative Yoga...Oct 13th/14th and November 3rd/4th 2018

TTWomens Yoga....With Keren Cooksey, 24th/25th Nov and 8th/9th Dec 2018

TTAlignment, myofascia and bodyreadings June 1st/2nd and 15th/16th 2019

See Falmouth Yoga Space website for more details about teacher trainings and booking

Embodied Yoga principles TT 4/5/6/7 Oct 2018 Brighton..See EYP website online for details

Weaving The Light  9/10/11/12/13 Jan 2019 A Weaving and Yoga retreat. Making our way back home through embodied craft and somatic experiencing. A creative and imaginitive immersion of participation, belonging and exploration of past,present and future selves.